Mad Call are an experienced team of creative and strategic thinkers who have united to focus on creating inspirational visual content.

Moving media and visual communication has a unique ability to intimately and emotionally connect with an audience in a way that reflects the values and attitudes of your company.

We assemble innovative talent from an extensive collective of creatives, directors, post production and media specialists. They are experts in developing the look, feel and results you require, and have a wealth of experience both locally and internationally.

Our focus is on value, quality, style and substance to ensure you have the ideal package that suits all your visual communication needs. 



A dedicated creative producer will assist you from the conception of the idea, through to the final touches of sending your visual content out to its audience.

We listen to your needs and then create the specialist team and resources within a realistic budget, to maximize your communications effectiveness, ensuring you get the best value and result.

Each production involves the following process:

Planning - You will be presented with a range of resources that are relevant for your requirements.  We will then prepare a strategy for your specifications.
Concept - Our creative thinkers will conceptualize a story and develop the idea.
Production - We bring together the best director, production team and crew for facilitating the communication. 

Post - We work with talented editors and production houses to ensure a high quality finish for your visual content. 

Exposure - Our media experts can plan a range of action that will look after all facets of spreading the content out to your audience, including internet and social media.


Stig Tim Lauritzen 
Creative Producer
Hauser Plads 10, 3rd Floor
DK 1127 – Copenhagen K
+45 26 37 65 91

Jens Strøm 
Production Coordinator
Hauser Plads 10, 3rd Floor
DK 1127 – Copenhagen K
+45 21 60 33 17